Light courses

Icelandic meatsoup1.890.-
lamb, carrots, rutabaga and soup herbs
our most traditional soup that has kept us warm through the years
Seafood Soup1.990.-
mussels, cod, shrimps and dill oil
made from our homemade fishstock and fresh seafood
Icelandic Taste1.990.-
fermented shark, dung smoked trout, wind dried cod, dulse, blood marengue, home made ryebread
culture shock on a platter! Brennivín is highly recommended with this one!
Double Smoked Lamb2.490.-
Höfðingi white mould cheese, horseradish, pickled angelica
smoking lamb is an art on its own, smoking the lamb twice gives it a deeper concentrated flavour as well as preserving it
Beet Salad (Vegan)2.290.-
orange glazed rutabaga, crowberry glazed red beets, sunflower seeds, dill
rutabaga or yellow beet was our main source of vitamin C back in the days or since 1800

Main courses – Seafood

Fish of the Day2.590.-
served according to season
fresh off the docks from our local fishermen
Fish & Chips2.590.-
deep-fried baby potatoes, homemade remoulade
fresh icelandic cod in beer and dulse batter
Lightly Salted Cod2.690.-
smoked icelandic barley, rutabaga, tomato concasse
salting and smoking are among our preservation methods we have used for centuries
Icelandic Fishstew “Plokkfiskur”3.690.-
homemade rye-bread, fresh salad
plokkfiskur or plucked fish is one of Iceland ́s favored comfort food
Blue Mussels2.990.-
cooked in white wine and angelica, dill aioli, french fries
cooked with 2 glasses of wine, one for the mussels and one for the chef
Barley & Chickpea Patty (Vegan)2.590.-
fried barley and chick pea patty packed with veggies, served with fresh root vegetable salad and herb “mayonnaise”
Icelandic and organic barley from Eymundur in Vallarnes

Main courses – Meat

Beef Fillet3.690.-
skin on fries, fresh salad, Béarnaisé sauce
turn this one to Surf ‘n turf for +1.200kr
Lamb Burger2.990.-
juicy bbq lamb patty seasoned with thyme and garlic, brioche bun, sweet crowberries, rutabaga chips, pickled red cabbage, lovage and garlic buttermilk
homemade from A-Ö. This big fat 100% Icelandic burger with an ice cold beer and you ́re all set!
Lamb Shank3.190.-
slow cooked pulled lamb shank glazed in reduced lamb stock served with chunky mash and crispy kale
this is granny style homecooking at its best, comforting, succulent and straight from the heart
Pork Cheeks2.990.-
cooked in Rökkr beer for 24 hours, rich onion gravy, chunky mash
it ́s the cheap less used parts that pack the flavour, here we enrich it even further with medium dark beer